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Some pictures from the graphic novel and introductions to some of the characters

of Helen's Element

Murrp, a lazy blob creature created in 

the lab.  It loves nothing more than to 

sit in its conical flask

all day long.

Helen hates unfairness and believes all people should be judged by their actions, not their looks.

Dr. Helen is a hard working scientist. She is a renaissance woman, a polymath. 

Mr. Mus Musculus, Helen's fitness

fanatic mouse 


Dr. Emdee,

medic of the forest world. 


Semmelweiss, a hoofer farmer.

Captain CherryBeard,

the slightly rubbish leader of the bad-but-not-evil pirates.

President Seeheeyo, leader of a village of people from the forest

world. They descended from hipsters.

His hair is a bird.

A hoofer, a rare type of cattle that uses biological fusion to create energy and Helium

Professor O'Rachel,

Helen's vastly qualified mentor.

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