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All episodes fit into a story that unfolds as the series continues.

The science content of the short and story version episodes is the same, but short versions get to the science content more quickly, making them more suitable lesson or homework material.

Content of the syllabus covered in each episode can be found on the very last slide.

Find the hidden hyperlinks in the stories to explore more science content.

Funding will allow me to have episodes illustrated professionally

and have them delivered on an interactive app

Episode 1:  Control


Welcome to Dr. Helen's world.  Helen tells us what she does and how she is trying to find a cure for a mystery illness.


This episode explains the concept of scientific controls and what a medical research scientist does.



Episode 2:  Eat Right 

Helen visits an ocean world and helps a bad pirate do some good.

 This episode explains what a balanced diet is and the importance of exercise.


Key topics:

Balanced diet, exercise, energy balance, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, calcium, vitamin C, scurvy, diabetes.



Episode 3:  Germ

Helen is transported to a farm planet where the cattle are in danger.

 This episode explains how microorganisms can make us unwell.


Key topics:

Pathogens, Bacteria, Viruses, Antibiotics, Mutation and Antibiotic resistance.



Episode 4:  Defend

Helen goes back to the farm planet and visits the killing canyons. 

 This episode explains how our immune systems defend us against microorganisms.

Key topics:

The immune system, Pathogens, White blood cells (B-cells and Macrophages, Antibodies, Vaccination.



Episode 5:  Sense (teaser)

Helen is in for a big surprise when she visits a desolate midnight world.


This episode explains how the nervous system allows us to react to our surroundings and coordinate our behaviour.


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