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Helen's Element is a graphic novel that teaches real science using creative adventure stories. 



It tells of the adventures of an outstanding scientist who visits strange worlds and uses science to save the day.

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Helen's Element is an online, interactive graphic novel that strikes the balance between telling an exciting story and teaching scientific content. It aims to inspire a more diverse range of people to become scientists.  

Our brains love stories and most of us remember them more easily than we remember seemingly unconnected facts. So Helen’s Element provides stories that teach scientific content, based on the AQA GCSE biology syllabus.

Episodes can be used in lessons, as homework, as revision aids or to prime students for "flipped classroom" style 

Readers move the interactive story forward by making scientifically correct choices, helping to engage them further with the science.

Finding hidden hyperlinks along the way leads them to deeper scientific content.

Helen is an outstanding scientist who visits strange worlds where the inhabitants are in trouble. She uses science to save the day!  

Episodes of Helen’s Element are set within a greater mystery that unfolds as the series progresses, drawing readers in further and keeping them engaged with the content. Step by step, Helen’s fantastic universe is revealed. 

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